About Us

EST. 1619

In the year 1619, the first arrival of African slaves took place in the British colony of Jamestown, Virginia, marking the beginning of slavery in America.

EST. 1619 is a distinctive apparel line rooted in Black History, devoted to the celebration of Black Greatness. We strive to raise awareness of the brilliance, resilience, divinity, and beauty that has always been intrinsic to the Black community.

As a Black-owned business, EST. 1619 aims to instill pride within the Black community. Our brand encourages individuals of African descent from all walks of life to embrace our cultural diversity while recognizing the profound beauty of blackness.

The Sweet Signature Series stands as a testament to our landmark design, commemorating that pivotal moment in history. By celebrating the achievements of African descendants who triumphed despite insurmountable obstacles, we honor a legacy of greatness.

Our creative process is truly one-of-a-kind, replicating the genuine signatures of our esteemed heroes and brilliant minds. Through digital redesign and recreation, we infuse each design with a personal touch. 

In paying tribute to our often overlooked heroes, every product in the Sweet Signature Series line is accompanied by a placard biography, providing insight and knowledge alongside celebration.

A portion of the proceeds from our sales contributes to the annual Sweet Dreams Scholarship, granted to a high school senior pursuing various endeavors.

We encourage you to share your purchases online and help spread the word, as this is how we nurture and preserve our culture.

Stay vigilant against imitations and cultural appropriators trying to exploit our designs. Remember to support Black-owned businesses and circulate Black dollars!


 Peace and Love.

EST. 1619